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Sen. Tester Remains Silent On Ambush Elections On Eve
Of Senate Vote

U.S. Senate Candidates Rep. Denny Rehberg, Daniel Cox, Gerald McConnell & Dennis Teske
Firmly Stand With Employees & Small Business Owners

Helena, MT – The Coalition to Protect Montana Jobs (CPMTJ) today announced the initial results to its candidate questionnaire on a job-killing regulation being implemented by President Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), as well as pending legislation that protects workers and small business owners.  

The responses are timely as the U.S. Senate is preparing to vote this week on a joint resolution of disapproval (S.J Res. 36) that overturns the ambush election regulation.  It is important for all candidates for federal office to inform their constituents how they would vote on this matter.

U.S. Senate candidates Representative Denny Rehberg, Daniel Cox, Gerald McConnell and Dennis Teske responded across the board in support of employees and small business owners by protecting worker privacy, and opposing ambush elections and micro-unions. 

Unfortunately, Senator Jon Tester, who is seeking re-election for Montana’s Senate seat, has not returned his questionnaire nor made his intentions clear concerning where he stands on these important workplace issues.  However, Senator Tester will have a chance to vote against the NLRB’s harmful ambush election rule this week by supporting the resolution sponsored by Senator Mike Enzi under the Congressional Review Act.  

S.J. Res 36 and H.J. Res 103, the joint resolutions under the Congressional Review Act would nullify the NLRB’s recent rule allowing reckless ambush elections that disallow workers from having the necessary time to make an informed decision. 

“It is critical that Senator Tester state how he plans to vote on reckless ambush elections,” said Chuck Denowh, state director for the Coalition to Protect Montana Jobs (CPMTJ).  “Montana’s small business owners and workers will be watching this vote closely.  A vote in favor of the harmful and job-killing ruling by President Obama’s labor board will only continue the failed economic policies that put Montana businesses at risk of closure.” 

Two weeks ago, CPMTJ sent questionnaires to all candidates running for federal office in Montana, asking their position on important workplace issues.  To access copies of the candidates’ completed questionnaires, click here.

The Coalition to Protect Montana Jobs is an organization committed to protecting jobs in Montana and standing up for the workers and small businesses in the state that grow the economy and create opportunities.      
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To schedule an interview with a Coalition to Protect Montana Jobs representative, please contact Chuck Denowh at 406-239-5952 or email